‘The Grey Estates’ Talks About Dream Coterie

(Photo by George Mundor)


“Finding new music that just immediately clicks is and probably will always be one of the best feelings. While I wish that I could spend as much time scouring Bandcamp and Soundcloud as as I’d like to, coming across just one artist that brightens your day makes it all worthwhile. Dream Coterie is a fresh trio hailing from Indonesia and going off of their two track EP, Mokase, things are off to a promising start.”

Introducing themselves as romantics with a knack for crafting pop that’s smooth and vibrant, Dream Coterie wastes no time in pulling us close with “It’s -27”. Accompanied by fluttering guitars and crystalline synths, the track seductively lingers both behind closed doors and far out into those bitter cold or muggy nights when you want someone close —making it a certified snuggle jam for any season.

Shifting moods from wanting that person near to coming to terms once it’s over, title track “Mokase” tells a different story but it never fails to keeps the groove flowing. Deep basslines echo throughout as sleek beats and lyrics like “i just want you to know that we’re really over now / just like the starry skies on break of dawn” cushion the blow of heartbreak and lead the way to being okay with being alone. It’s a bitter feeling but Dream Coterie makes it a bit easier and lifts the mood to something sweeter despite it all.

Throughout both tracks, Dream Coterie slinks between seemingly nonchalant and heartfelt, but it’s their effortless demeanor and flair for catchy hooks that truly makes the short, yet easily repeatable affair truly stick out. With the whole EP being their first recording, there’s no doubt that we’re sure to hear more, and if things continue to go this way, hopefully they gain more traction both at home and overseas.

words: Jon Allmond of The Grey Estates


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