Basboi’s New Music Video of Dying Breed is Out

“To me Dying Breed is the kind of people that would always try to be better at everything, for themselves or even others.”

It’s been a while since we heard from Baskara Rizqullah, the Indonesia’s newest rap hero with his moniker Basboi. He was hibernating, preparing to wake with something fresh and explosive after releasing hits like ‘Nightdrive’ and ‘Cozy’ last year. Get ready, Basboi is back at it again with the newest single ‘Dying Breed’. This single has also been made in a form of a music video which directed by Surya Fikri Asshidiq or commonly known as Kuyasunda, the drummer of The Panturas.

‘Dying Breed’ talks about his disgust toward attitudes of certain kind of people these days. According to Basboi, there are two types of human attitude in this era, those who want and willingly try to escape the trend and being themselves and those who neglect their self towards exploration at all. Those who want and keep on trying are the ‘Dying Breed’. Not only that, the quality of television programs is so awful that made him tried to find alternative references such as social media, thus where he got the inspiration from. In the Hip-hop scene context, Basboi longs to show his respect to those who stay true and honest in their works, especially in hip-hop music that he loves.

“To me ‘Dying Breed’ is the kind of people that would always try to be better at everything, for themselves or even others,” Basboi said.  “I think the population is getting fewer each day, and I emphasize this, I always pray for the dying breed, Imma fight for what I dreamed honestly, and Imma keep being one who stay true,” This song is for everyone who feel the same way in this modern age.

A mixture of funk, jazz, and modern hip-hop harmonically blend alongside catchy rhymes with poetic meanings. Kind of reminding the listener of the vast exploration that could be digged in Basboi’s music. to make it short, ‘Dying Breed’ will make you replay it for times to find various eargasms and meanings in this song. For those who loves J Cole, Joey Bada$$, Yosugi, BAP, or Laze, then ‘Dying Breed’ is for you.

‘Dying Breed’ music video is out now through Indonation’s YouTube channel. The song is produced under the flag of PVL Records, an independent record label based in Bandung, Indonesia. It can also be accessed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and will be released on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify in the midst of this month.


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