Internet Fwendz 6: Thing was More Than Just a Scene Showdown and Cool Crowds Gathering

Last week, we held an event with our new friends from Jakarta’s well known Kolibri Rekords called Internet Fwendz 6 in Bandung’s homeground of music enthusiasts, Spasial.

The event was held successfully with the supports of our also new friends of Microgram Entertainment, The Throne Room, Spasial itself, and you; new friends that’ve been following us around in the internet these past months and finally showed up to actually say hi to everyone!

The event was headlined by Bedchamber, Heals, National Perks, Dream Coterie, Gizpel and many more local powerhouses. This was a promising start not only for Bandung, but also for the whole local spectrum to engage the new digital music industry and the fresh diverse ‘internet genres’ more in the future. By bringing the URL culture to the IRL ground, we hope that more new acts will be brave to dig more than what’s already in store in the scene and to think that they are actually already international music commodities because, you know, the power of internet.


(Internet Fwendz 6 photos by George Mundor)

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