New Single from National Perks out November 5th



After successfully releasing two songs “Innocent” and “Insecure” at Record Store Day 2018, our indie-pop unit National Perks is ready to give you that breezing-bittersweet sounds with their new single “On Meadows”.  The repetitive and easy-rolling guitar strum creates a subtle mood of comfort-ness, while the rhythm section takes you to that mild-upbeat-afternoon journey.

They will take you to imaginative grassland where you can enjoy the winds as they softly touch your hair. The idea behind the whole song is so simple; they tell us as the listeners to enjoying the moment, to celebrate our life away from bad memories.

You will get the idea once you listen to the song.

The new single will soon cuddle with your ears at November 5th.  Also, we do have another surprise for the fans. Collaborating with Bandung-based illustrator and graphic designer, Gelar Anugerah Munggaran as-known-as Bazroel, we planning to release “On Meadows Official Music Video” on this month. So sit back and wait patiently folks

P.S: This single is a teaser for their upcoming album on November 20th!

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