About Us

PVL stands for Pavilioon, it’s the name of our rented college house also our creativity’s homeground!

Pavilioon Records is an in-house team of music producers, bands/artists, and content creators, based in Bandung, Indonesia. We’re standing on the ground of collaborative spirit and enjoyable creative exploration in our works. Bringing you diverse and fresh creation of arts & entertainment in a digital savvy mindset/business operation.

We’re operating mainly as independent record label & audio production house.

Submit your music to us via demo box or mail to demo@pvlrecords.com
Audio production & other project please contact info@pvlrecords.com


Meet the team!



Founder // Label Manager // A&R

Aliefta Widhiawan


(A geek on fleek & brainwormy spellcrafter.)




Head of Operations // Business Affairs

Iqbal Chairul


(Rambling metalhead to the meat & bigbones.)




Main Sound Engineer // Production House Manager

Panji Wisnu


(Talk audiogeekerish to me y’all.)




Marketing // Promotion

Defta Ananta






Art Director

Alyssa Helena


(what is life without eggs)



Here, if you wanna say something to us 🙂