Dream Coterie

Dream Coterie

A quartet consists of Jale (guitar), Graham (drums), Janji (bass), and Monsdim (vocal) which blends the composition of funk, city pop, soul, and RnB with a glimpse of catchy jazzy tunes. Their music mostly referred by everyone who loves them as lo-fi funk.

The band is formed in Bandung, Indonesia, in 2018 under the umbrella of their bedroom producer Aliefta Widhiawan. They quickly became one of the most unique act in terms of its fluid and really enjoyable musicality in their hometown bound.

Their first single release with PVL Records, ‘Mokase’, has hit the internet radar successfully and has been featured by many notable internet music tastemakers such as Alona Chemerys and Spotify Fresh Finds. Bringing them a strong fanbase already from around the world, notably in Latin America and South East Asia.

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