Janji of Dream Coterie on Connecting Music with Urban Gardening

Who says gardening is a bothersome and ‘so last year’ thing? Ah c’mon.. there is something called urban gardening and it’s really famous right now especially when you live in a populated urban concrete area. It can bring you fresh inspirations sometimes while also bring a lot of goodness to your neighborhood. Doesn’t it feel a bit beautiful to have those cute little greenery friends in your tiny rented living space with just a little effort and simple D.I.Y methods?

In this chance, we talked to Janji Syahzar, the guitarist of Dream Coterie, in our campus and hooray he will share his personal insights about urban gardening. Well who knows, beside of his often cool-ass-bastard style on the stage, he’s actually has a bit passion too in urban gardening deep in his heart (that’s why you shouldn’t stereotyped people so easily lol).

P: “So tell us, why urban gardening? why not building (yet) another coffeeshop in town? haha”

J: “Because it is actually so stress relieving than most other alternates you gave and it kinda has the most similar effect with music. But wtf bro? Why coffeeshop? Why it’s always coffeeshop?! haha.”


P: “Lol JK! So what do we need to kickstart our urban gardening spirit? Do we have to merge ourselves with god first?”

J: “Haha! How about no.. Well honestly, a lot of geeking on the internet is a good start for everything! plus a little bit geeking about monstera plant (you should google it right now), and a little bit scavenging in random places to find many cool and unthinkable vases you can make first to kickstart it!”


P: “What plants that we should plant (or pick) for the first time? Please mention easy to care ones but can make a big difference in decorative way!”

J: “Marigold if you like yellow and fluffiness, Zinnia if you like soft grunge, and sunflower if you listen to Clairo and Phum on daily basis.. haha.”


P: “Let’s get serious, what is the connection between urban gardening and creating music?”

J: “I think it raises the attention to details significantly. I feel like my production flow is getting better and better too because of urban gardening, especially when taking care of my plants, I need to be treating them to like a child. It hones my patience and respect to progress like a lot, many little things in music production hold the same principles I think.”


P: “Ah since you mention Cairo and Phum, can you resemble plants with artists or musicians? Be it from the aesthetic or the mood their music offer!”

J: “Ah! I often think cactus as Jack White because the music he made is like an endless dessert vibe. Secondly, maybe Bonsai resembles the most about Bonobo because it gives you tranquility in complexity. Thirdly, Snapdragon resembles FKJ in one way because it is beautiful while it lasts (blooming) and when it stops (fall), it can give you a sense of sadness a little bit.”


P: “Can you give us a music video with a beautiful usage of urban gardening aesthetic for reference?”

J: “Ah I will choose this! You’ll understand a little essence and feel of urban gardening.”


P: “As a generation with so many information and reference sources, we lack in one thing in life I supposed, and that thing is meaning, so what meaning do you get from doing urban gardening or gardening in general?”

J: “I think it teaches us how to respect the self-growth process in life.”


P: “So, do you plan to make a terrarium or something connected with urban gardening as Dream Coterie merch in the future? Or do you open your band as an ambassador to business brands that operates in modern urban gardening? haha”



P: “One song that resembles the feeling you get when you look at the beautiful results of your urban gardening?”

J: “👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇”


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