Mirza of White Lemon Delirium on Solitude and ‘Mind’s Eye’

Have you ever sit alone in your room and wished that you could do something productive? It could be anything, be it a piece of writing, drawing something out of a blank space, or even making a draft of a song. Doesn’t your creative impulses came out during a “me time” in your own room while looking at the wall? If so, then you’re not alone!

Today we had the chance to meet Mirza Lazuardi of White Lemon Delirium at his lair to talk about his creative process, making the most out of his solitude, new releases, and his (mostly legal) substance of choice.



This room is quite dark, is it usually this dark?

M: It depends on the time I wake up, usually when I wake up in the morning I open the curtain to let the sun shine in here. But if I wake up late in the afternoon, or if I wanted to smoke, I close it so that nobody could smell it from the outside hahaha.


That’s an interesting statement, what do you usually smoke?

M: Sometimes tobacco, sometimes other than tobacco.


Do you usually smoke while you record a song?

M: Of course. Sometimes when I ran out of cigarettes, I went out to buy some more haha wtf man.


Does smoking affect your creative process? Is it even mandatory?

M: When I want to listen to my own recording, I smoke to enhance the chill-ness of my own sounds. It might be a habit I picked up from the people around me to smoke during a free time, so that everytime that I wanted to relax, I pick up a cigarette and blaze it #jahbless #420blazeit


So is it true that White Lemon Delirium (WLD) is a solo project? Because I could see that you’re pretty much a loner.

M: Haha no, actually WLD is a band like every other bands out there, but I handled most of the creative process on my own. It doesn’t mean that the other band members doesn’t have any creative input at all, I made the grand concept and the others help develop the concept into something final.


Do you record all of the tracks on your own, or do they take part in the recording?

M: All the stuffs that we’ve released so far, yes, I record them by myself. But lately we are working on a new project in which all of my bandmates are involved.


We heard that you’re currently in the process of releasing a new album, can you tell us a bit about it?

M: The album will be called “Mind’s Eye”, its about living your life more enjoyably while exploring your own psychedelic experiences. Mind’s Eye itself could be defined as our capability to imagine anything in our own heads, and our imagination are tied to our already existing past experiences in life. Seeing it that way, this album hopes to expand the listener’s mind by opening them up to an experience unlike any other that they’ve been through.


Sounds awesome, when is it coming out?

September 30, 2018, not too long from now.


Do you have any tips for the people out there on how to channel their solitude into something productive, even though they’re not sure where to start?

M: The simplest thing you can do is to pour your ideas into something that you’re interested in, you could immediately write it down or strum your guitar. When you channel your ideas after you’ve thought of it, you could then immediately pick it up later because the ideas would be stuck in your head.


Lastly for the fun part! Can you give us a music video that you think captured your feeling of solitude perfectly?

M: I think this is definitely the one for me.



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