Dream Coterie Brought The Breeze at Lokatara Fest 2018

Last friday, these dreamy college boys went to Jakarta to play their first ever gig in the Capital City at Lokatara Music Festival 2018.

Jakarta’s hot sun didn’t hold back Dimas, Janji, Graham, and Jale to play their coolest performance yet. One minute it was indian summer and the next, a breeze of -27° cool air swept the venue as Dream Coterie took the centre. They sucessfully wow fans and local policemen alike with the 6 songs they played.

It day didn’t end there though, by the end of the day they were joined by Mellow Fellow, Yung Heaze, and a lot other performers hanging out at the after party get-together. What a day! Thank you for everyone who came and watched and danced with Dream Coterie! In case you missed it, or having a hard time getting over their performance, here are some snaps captured by our fellas Gaius Caesarian and Peter Rumondor!




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